RC’s Maintenance & Repair is a GacoFlex Qualified Applicator and we work closely with the manufacturer to ensure the best completed project possible.

Our 100% silicone roof coatings will completely seal, beautify, and preserve your existing flat roof without costly tear-off and replacement. GacoFlex S2000 white is recognized by the Cool Roof Rating Council and EnergyStar.

Ideal on virtually any flat roof or low pitch roof including torch down, foam roofs, tin patio roofs, and more.

  • Impervious to water ponding
  • Great preparation for solar installation
  • Slip resistant additives available
  • UV resistant & highly reflective
  • Fast preparation and installation
  • No tear-off
  • Beautifies and protects

Some advantages for property managers include:

  • Minimal Tenant Disruption: Re-roofing is a loud and messy process that often requires tenants to vacate for up to 3 days, returning to dust and debris. Our coatings go on with only a couple hours of machine noise and the sound of footsteps above.
  • Reduces Cooling Costs: Highly UV reflective coating helps keep room below cool.
  • Creates a Great Surface for Solar Installations: Preserving & protecting the current roof is lower cost than re-roofing for a new solar installation.
  • Quicker Turn Around: Because our system requires no tear off, we complete jobs up to 3000 square feet in as little as 3 days (in good weather)
  • Minimal Work Site Footprint: Tear off requires space for a large dumpster or hauling vehicle. Replacement requires room for and the expense of a crane, boom truck, or conveyor truck. We haul our equipment up a ladder.
  • Minimal Waste: Again, since we are not tearing off, there is no need for a large dumpster or hauling truck.
  • Low Maintenance: The 100% silicone roof is easy to hose off if needed and requires no other major maintenance.
  • Slip Resistant Additives Available: If your maintenance crew needs to be on the roof, we can add slip resistant additives for a small additional fee.
  • Lower Cost: Often 1/2 the cost of re-roofing
  • Prevents Further Damage: Protects against further decay, aging, etc.
  • Impervious to Ponding Water: The 100% silicone surface will not allow ponding water to seep through.

Also a great system for solar installations. Our coating can be installed before solar brackets are mounted, and we can come back through to encapsulate the brackets ensuring years of reliable protection without needing to remove the panels.



Learn more about GacoFlex S2000 on Energy Star.